Foveran School

About Us

Foveran school is a small rural school established in 1873 and serving the village of Foveran in the north east of Scotland.

At Foveran, we pride ourselves on our warm and friendly environment and nurturing ethos. We ensure that pupils are safe and valued members of the school community and are able to learn and develop the core life skills they will need for the future.

Our wonderful staff team are constantly striving to evaluate, develop and raise standards to improve outcomes for our learners.



Each year we publish our annual standards and quality report and our school improvement plans. You can find the most recent one at the link below.

SQUIP Foveran 2022-2023

School handbook

The school handbook (link below) will give you a wealth of information about the life of our school, our vision, values, aims and curriculum. If you have any questions about anything within, please do not hesitate to ask.

School Handbook Foveran 2021-22