Foveran School

Parent Council

The Parent Council is the representative body for all parents of pupils at Foveran School. It is designed to be parent-friendly and it’s a great opportunity to become more involved in, and more informed about, the decisions which affect your child’s school.

What are the aims of the parent council?

  1. To work in partnership with the school to create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all pupils and parents.
  2. To promote collaborative working between parents, families, and the school.
  3. Develop ways to actively engage parents to support children’s education, the welfare of the pupils and improve their outcomes.
  4. To identify and represent the views of all parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and well-being of the pupils.
  5. To promote close co-operation and communication between parents and teachers.
  6. To study and discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the education and welfare of pupils.
  7. To engage in activities which support and advance the education of pupils attending the school.

How do we represent all parents’ views and how do we keep parents informed? Parents are invited to express their ideas/opinions/suggestions via committee members or through the head teacher. These are then discussed at the next meeting. The committee can then inform either the individual parent, or all the parents, of results of the meeting. The minutes from the meeting are also available on the school website or from the school office.

Our next Parent Council meeting is on the 11th June at 19:45 online

All parents are welcome to attend and are welcome to either take part in the discussions or just to hear updates from the council and the Head Teacher about the school.

Parent council minutes over the last year (contact the school to obtain older minutes)

FSPC Meeting Minutes 23.04.34

FSPC Meeting Minutes 27.02.24

FSPC AGM Minutes 21.11.23

FSPC Meeting Minutes 03.10.23

FSPC Meeting Minutes 04.05.23